Premiere: 28th May 1963

Arriaga Theatre, Bilbao

Music: Strauss

Choreography: Víctor Olaeta 


A group of kids play in front of a bazaar. The brothers Pepa and Piedrin arrive and, ignored by their mates, try to dance amongst them while they look at the toys in the shop. A beggar is rescued by the two brothers, and the other children laugh at them. The truth is that the beggar is actually the owner of the bazaar and he invites the brothers to enter his shop while he makes the toys come to life. 

Premiere: 27th February 1955

Arriaga Theatre, Bilbao

Music: P. Bucalossi

Choreography: V. Olaeta



Humorous dance, full of colour and pranks, about the beau’s amorous compliment of two damsels.

Premiere: 27th June 1956

Pereda Theatre, Santander

Music: F. Chopin

Choreography: M. Fokin 

Adaptation: V. Olaeta 


The impossible romance between a sylph and a Scottish mortal was the anecdotal line of said ballet “The Sylph”. “The Sylphs” has no plot, its action consists in a group of sylphs dancing in a wood in the moonlight with a single youth (the Scottish poet). 

Premiere: 29th April 1951

Campos Elíseos Theatre, Bilbao

Music: Camille Saint-Saëns

Choreography: M. Fokine,

Adaptation:  V. Olaeta 


These are the last moments of life: the Swan enters the scene to die. Fighting between resignation and the last flutter of a being which has known absolute freedom. 

Premiere: 19th December 1973

Coliseo Albia Theatre, Bilbao

Music: C. Debussy

Choreography: V. Olaeta 


The story takes place in some boxes of toys which are like villages in which the toys live like people. A soldier attracts the attention of one of the dolls which is betrothed to a string puppet. A battle takes place between them during which the wooden soldier falls seriously injured, but is rescued by the doll who heals him. They marry and are happy. After a few years the string puppet becomes a security guard and life continues in the box of toys. 

Premiere: 9th February 1961

Arriaga Theatre, Bilbao.

Music: Leo Delibes

Adaptation and Choreography: V. Olaeta



Swalinda is jealous and suspects that her fiancé Franz is captivated by the beauty of the doll Coppelia. The whole town has agreed to put an end to the suspicious work of the old wizard Coppelius. After entering into the house of the old wizard, Swalinda replaces the doll Coppelia and manages to destroy all of the automatons and rescue Franz, who had fallen into the hands of Coppelius. After the death of the old wizard, there are mass festivities for the reconciliation between Franz and Swalinda.

Premiere: 11th July 1954

Gayarre Theatre, Pamplona

Music: C. Gounod

Choreography: V. Olaeta 


Faustus, a disillusioned scientist now tired of life is going to commit suicide. The devil Mephistopheles who appears humorous and elegant shows him the portrait of a beautiful woman, Margarita, and promises to make him younger and deliver her if Faustus promises to give his soul to the devil. The proposal is accepted and Faustus immediately turns into a fine figure of a young man. 

Premiere: 27th February 1955

Buenos Aires Theatre, Bibao

Music: P. I. Tchaikowsky

Choreography: V. Olaeta 


A group of petals and seeds form a flower. A swirling group of bees appears who enter into it and after a brief struggle they take the pollen leaving the flower in pieces. 

Premiere: 27th February 1955

Arriaga Theatre, Bilbao

Music:  P. I. Tchaikovsky

Choreography: Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov - V. Olaeta 


It is night time beside a lake. The swans with their queen Odette shine in the moon light. Prince Siegfried says to his friends “Don’t shoot”. Suddenly the swans turn into gorgeous young women. Odette explains to Siegfried the mystery which took place before his eyes and how the magician Rothbart has put her and all her court under a spell so that they become swans throughout the night until a brave man undoes the spell and chooses her for the throne. Dawn approaches and also Rothbart in order to convert his prisoners, but Siegfried saves Odette and they leave together over the water to the world of dreams. 

Premiere: 10th June 1953

Campos Elíseos Theatre, Bilbao

Music: J. Mª Usandizaga

Choreography: V. Olaeta



Colombina, betrothed by her parents to marry the rich old string puppet, tries to bother him with her fan to relieve her boredom, and manages to make the old besotted one angry. Pierrot appears and now we have a threesome, in which the youth ends up winning, and a party is organised in honour of the love birds.   

Premiere: 10th June 1953

Gayarre Theatre, Pamplona

Music: A. Ponchielli

Choreography: V. Olaeta


The first twinkles of the days announce the Aurora. Its movements are languid and to one side to allow the Day to come through, radiating light. This in turn is moved aside by the Afternoon, full of strength and sure of its triumph.

The Night, tired, tries to rise up and is dragged heavily like the traveller after a long hard day.