Grow up dancing with Bittor Olaeta

Iñaki Goirizelaia - Rector of the University of the Basque Country (UPV)

The Olaeta Ballets, in sign of distinction in Bilbao

María Jesús Cava – Philosopher, Historian and Professor at Deusto University


Cristina Giménez Elorriaga – Doctor in philosophy and education and coordinator of the Olaeta Ballets legacy

The <<Music>> section of the Olaeta Ballets Legacy; polishing the facets of two diamonds

Willem de Waal – Musicologist


Classic dance and Basque ballet

Kosme de Barañano Letamendia – Professor of History of Art


Carmen Rodríguez Suso

Dance attire and tradition

Juan Antonio Urbeltz - Director of Ikerfolk-Argia

Stage machinery for a paper pelota court

José Ibarrola – Painter and set designer


Ingrid Kuschick – Provincial Council of Bizkaia (DFB) Ethnographer 

From the fiesta in the square to theatre performance: dance and its contexts of consummation

Kepa Fernandez Larrinoa - Professor of anthropology of the public university of Navarre 

Universal Basque culture: Basque mythology as the background of the Olaeta Ballets

Andrés Ortiz-Osés – Philosopher and professor of Deusto University


Félix Leturia – Anthropologist and lecturer of the Spanish open university (UNED)