The academy of the Olaeta Ballets opened its doors in 1948 in calle Santamaría and two years later, in 1950, moved to its definitive location in calle Ercilla number 11,

where it remained active until 2007, the year Victor Olaeta passed away.

His piano accompanied the classes, and his education based on respect and love of Basque cultural, music and dance, and the famous “Olaeta smile” (always smiling surrounded by effort) attracted over decades more than 10,000 students. Three generations of children, adolescents and adults have enjoyed in the heart of Bilbao this homemade recipe of succulent culture.


Lourdes, Lide and Miren Tere Olaeta accompanied Víctor as teachers at the Academy, together with outstanding students like

Begoña Aldámiz-Echevarría, who remains in our thoughts. The third generation would have Lide Maguregi Olaeta as their teacher during the last years.

A platform and meeting point for artists and enthusiasts, the Academy was also the publishing headquarters in 1958 and 1959 of the Oinka magazine.